About Us

SharingWear is a nonprofit organization founded by Nicole Markus, a recent graduate of Miami Palmetto Senior High in Pinecrest, Florida. Nicole founded Sharingwear while in middle school, with the mission to aid charitable organizations from around the world by selling shirts, sweatshirts, and more and donating the profits. Nicole's sister Kate, who is in tenth grade at Palmetto Senior High, now operates the organization.

SharingWear is the Miami Palmetto Senior High PTSA's official apparel provider, with a special dedicated online store featuring t-shirts, long-sleeves, sweatshirts and other clothing options. All items in the Palmetto Senior Online Store have been approved to comply with Palmetto Senior’s uniform policy, and may be worn to school 5 days a week. The Palmetto PTA is not operating their physical store on campus, so these shirts are the best option for purchasing uniform shirts. All profits from the Palmetto Senior Online Store are donated 50% to the PTSA and 50% to SharingWear’s Charity of the Month. Sharingwear is also an official store of the Palmetto Middle School PTSA, with 100% of profits from the Palmetto Store donated to the PTSA.

In addition, SharingWear maintains its General Online Store, featuring general interest apparel to benefit the Charity of the Month. Previous Charities of the Month include a homeless assistance organization called Chapman Partnership, an animal rescue organization in Miami Florida, the Ecuador Earthquake Relief Fund, a childhood muscular dystrophy research organization called Charley’s Fund, and an arts organization from Northern New Jersey.

If you would like your charity to be featured as a Charity of the Month, please visit the Contact Us page or send us an email at sharingwear@gmail.com. We are always looking for new organizations to partner with, and we would love for your organization to be the next.

In addition, we are looking to forge new partnerships with schools, organizations, clubs, etc. who would like for us to develop a custom store just for them. We also welcome ideas for custom t-shirts for personal use or for clubs, organizations, mitzvah projects, etc., and will be happy to partner with your organization on any projects that are within SharingWear’s capabilities.